Friday, April 19, 2013

One year and 2,500 fans later....


I can not believe how much love and support my little shop has received since I opened.  It was little over a year ago that I started this journey with the encouragement of a few fellow fiber lovers who had faith in me.  I am beyond grateful for all my fans. I truly do love you all and as a thank you for all the continued support, I put together this giveaway with the crocheter/knitter in mind.

This is a rafflecopter type giveaway. Many wonderful vendors have contributed to this and I am so excited for all of you to have a chance to win some of it!!

A few things to note:
1) Some vendors require the winner to pay shipping (may not be noted).
2) Some vendors only ship within the US.
3) You only have to 'like' the page you want to win from. Except, of course, my page. ;)
4) Giveaway runs from April 25th, 2013 - May 9th, 2013.
5) Winners will be announced here on the blog after May 9th but by May 13th
6) By entering this giveaway you release Spun Sugar Yarns from any liability that may arise.

Okay, enough sentimental goo and boring notations, on to the good stuff!!

Spun Sugar Yarns

Monique from Moniques Craft Corner 
is giving away a beautiful skein of yarn. Mmmmmm..... {drool}
International pays shipping/US shipping included

Whimsical Warmth 
is giving away a 5-pack of patterns!! 
I don't know about you, but I am always looking for new patterns.

 Pymatuning Crafts
is giving a way these beautiful buttons!
Vendor pays shipping

Ashleigh from For Fiber's Sake
is giving away a $10 shop credit. Boo Yah!!

Handspun by Kisses
Good golly Miss Molley!! A $25 gift certificate for
some hand spun yumminess!! 

Fiber Me Up
60 yards of thick and thin merino art yarn!
nom, nom, nom...... Violet with lots of sari silk & sparkle!
Free shipping in US/International winner pays shipping.

Bella-Rae Crochet 
is giving away 3 patterns of winners choice!

Hogg Wild Fibers
This hubba, hubba, amazing yarn could be yours! {drool}
International winner will split shipping cost

Angel Spun Yarns
Amazing package from Angel! This is just awesome!!

Oscar and Sophia Handmade Wearables

Angie from 4asong
is giving away 5 free patterns!
She has so many patterns that the knitter will have a field day!

Sassy Yarn Barn
is giving away a shop credit! <3

Baby's Inspiration
is giving away this beautiful hook!
No hooker ever said no to this! ;)

Crochet My Love Designs
is donating a 3 pattern pack

Peace Love & Bath Products
is giving away a $10 gift certificate to their shop!
Pamper yourself after a hard days work with your yarn.

Tiffany from Youniuqe
is giving away some ah-mazing mascara!
I know where I'm going for my next makeup purchase.

The Needle Nerd
is giving away this awesome pattern; two in one!

Amy from Stitched by Starlight
Is giving away one Custom Signature Wallet
created with the fabric of your choice!
Features: 8 credit card slots, a full length pocket for
cash or checks, a zippered pocket for coins and receipts
and a magnetic snap closure.

I do have to tell you, I bought one myself and am thrilled
with the quality and how quickly Sarah worked!

Spark Yarn + Fiber
is giving away a shop credit. 

Create-Tiff Crafts
is giving away a dozen chocolate roses.
Who needs Valentines to have chocolate and roses!?
AND she is giving the winner a $5 credit towards
a future purchase!
Vendor pays shipping- colors may vary

is giving a 3 pattern pack to a winner! Holla!

Dustin from doTERRA
is giving a way a 3 oil introductory kit
These oils are all the rage, and rightly so!!

Heatherly Crafts
is giving away 1 soap bar of winners choice.
These just sound heavenly!

Scents are: top left: Pear Utopia, middle: Farmer's Delight (honey almond oatmeal), 
bottom: Orange Sherbet. Top right: Island Intoxication (Piña Colada), 
bottom: Tropical Pleasure. 

Winner pays $3 shipping in US and $10 CAD

The Hookeraholic Crochet
This beautiful yarn!!
Winner pays shipping

Misty from 413 Sparrow Lane
is giving this squishy, yummy yarn! 
US free shipping, International is $10

Bootiful Knitter
Is giving away 2 sets: a hair clip and scarf!
Something for summer, something for winter. Perfect.

Rapped with Luv
is giving a way TWO, yes, TWO sets
of stitch markers! One crochet, one knit. TWO winners!
Lucky you!!

Set 1-crochet:

Set 2-knit:

Yarn Baby
is giving some scrumptious yarn. 
Handspun merino top, appox 47/yds, 2oz, dk-chunky weight
Winner pays shipping

Dyan from Purple Orchid Designs
is giving away a pattern and yarn pack!
Everything you need to make her beautiful pattern.

Ashley Designs 
is donating a 3 pattern pack
Seriously, who says no to patterns?

Sunset Crochet
is giving away 2 sets of patterns. One boy/girl set to each winner.

Set 1:

Set 2:

LeAndra from Created by Elsie B
is giving away 101 yds of Shetland wool
Shipping is $4 US, worldwide $12

Schmibble & Co.
is giving away two patterns. Awesome.

Maes Creations Purls 2Knit
is giving away some beautiful thread and a $15 gift card to Starbucks!
Now there's no reason why you can't stay up and work on your W.I.P.

Laurice from LA Photography and Props
is donating a $20 Michales gift card! Heck ya!!

Spinning Wheel Studio
is donating a $15 shop credit. 
Um, yes please!!

Boomer Beanies
1 hand thrown Yarn Bowl made with stoneware clay.
Dimensions are: inside- 4.5"x1.75" outside-5"x2"
This will be fire with a high fire glaze of winners choice. Winner pays
portion of shipping over $5. See link for glaze color options:

Le Hair Couture
is giving 3 patterns to the winner!

Wild Wind Naturals
is donating 46/yds of TnT merino. It's hand dyed and hand spun.
$3.50 shipping to US and CAD

Thank you vendors!! These are FABULOUS donations!!
I am blown away with the generosity of all these amazing people. <3

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