Monday, May 13, 2013

Winners of the 2,500 fan giveaway

WOW!! Can I just say, I am blown away by the amount of entries and wonderful supporters of my page and all the others that joined!!  YOU ALL ROCK!!  Thank you!!

If you have won, please contact your respective vendor within a timely manor.  Remember, some vendors require the winner to pay shipping.

<3 <3 <3 you all!

SSY: Kay Griggs Swietek 

Monique’s CC: Emma Lindberg 

Whimsical Warmth: Kristle Staples 

Pymatuning Crafts: Valerie Blankenship 

For Fibers Sake: Karen Glaser Berezansky 

Handspun by Kisses: Kirsten Miles 

Fiber me Up: Angela Pierce 

Bella Rae Crochet:  DG Middendorf 

Hogg Wild Fibers: Valerie Braymen 

Angel Spun Yarns: Elizabeth Narolis 

Oscar and Sophia: Lise Condis 

4aSong: Anastasia Staci Kepner 

Sassy Yarn Barn: Melissa Van Dera-Marvin 

Baby’s Inspiration: Jessica Bannister 

Crochet My Love: Corrina Crochet Read 

Peace Love & Bath Products: Sarah Hayes 

Tiffany from Younique: Meghan Mehaffey 

The Needle Nerd: Lori Dean  

Stitched by Starlight: Gayle Wilson 

Spark Yarn + Fiber: Brittany Umbaugh 

Create-Tiff Cratfs:  Doreen Musson 

Everlaughter: Mary An Schmidt 

doTerra: Mayyra Ivette 

Heatherly Crafts:  Natasha Tozzi 

The Hookerholic Crochet: Vickie Nagy DeRuiter 

413 Sparrow Lane: Detra Braymen 

Bootiful Knitter: Barb Morris Saari 

X2:  Amber Gibbons Nagel 

Rapped with Luv: Melissa Greene 

X2:  Susan Hotzler Kirk 

Yarn Baby: Ashley LaRae Lowder 

Purple Orchid Designs:  Jo Heinrich Schreibeis 

Ashley Designs: Natasha Powley-Barill

Sunset Crochet: Ashley Hager 

X2: Effie Kickert    

Created by Elsie B: Melanie Borst

Schmibble & Co: Ilene Matican-Di Prima  

Maes Creations Purls 2knit: Amber Taylor Fowles

LA Photography and Props: Jenn D-b

Spinning Wheel Studio: Jessica Olivares Webb 

Boomer Beanies:  Jaime Casper 

Le Hair Couture: Amber Seay 

Wild Wind Naturals: Joyce Diaz 


Laura Mae said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Lori M. said...

Congrats to all!

ABC on Line said...

Congrats to all the winners!

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